Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Goal Left

I come back to my sadly neglected blog to announce - I hit my fourth goal for 2012 - 1500 miles.  As of today I am at 1505.  Thank goodness for marathon training.  With that goal, I have one left - sub-5 for my marathon.  Will I make it?

I'm semi-optimistic.  I like to think that if I pace right that I can slide under the wire.  I ran the BAA half this past Sunday.  I was aiming for a 2:10 to give me more confidence. I ended up with a 2:13.  How could three minutes take away so much trust? 

I have 30 days left to Richmond.  I hit most of my training - most.  I just came back from a great vacation in Hawaii where I ended up running 3/4 of what I had been - including missing two long runs.  I came back with mental games and fear, but got back in the game pretty quickly.

I have two long runs left - long defined as > 15.  This weekend is supposed to be 20.  My last long was 18 about a month ago.  I'll have to see how I feel to decide if I want to push to 20, or just go with 18. 

30 days.  I'm excited but not too stressed.  And even if I don't get sub-5 I'm still happy to be going and happy to be trying.