Saturday, January 19, 2013

Better Late than...

Well hi!  So, when I last left off it was 30 days to my marathon and of course I was panicking.  I'm happy to say I survived, and the doctors are pretty sure my feet will grow back... Nah, just being silly.

I don't want to go full on recap (and it's been a couple months since the race, so I don't think I could get too detailed).  But to put it in list form:

* Goal was sub-5, dream was 4:45:xx.  I missed my dream but hit goal - 4:52:00.  And proud of every minute.

* The first 10 miles were pure joy.  I was rocking along, yelling at spectators, grinning like an idiot.  Probably lost some energy there but worth it.

* I liked the junk food stations.  That coke sure tasted good.

* My legs turned to concrete for ~60 seconds at mile 24.  Pushed through.

* I ran the entire thing, only walking  through one water stop.

* I ended with a smile, which is good in one way (not dead) but bad in other ways (not dead? left something on the course).

* My mom was at the start and the end to cheer me on.  She almost didn't make it because of Sandy and associated power failure at her house (power was out for 10 days!).  I will admit to being a selfish bitch and being sad that she thought she wouldn't make it; I was an extra super bitch because she was still without power!  Miraculously she got her power back in time and was able to come down to cheer me on.  I thanked her by being a total wench once the race was done, all sorts of cranky and fussy.  I think it was some form of blood sugar thing.  But god bless my mom - she put up with it as best she could.

Overall I loved it, will definitely be doing another.  Not this year (2013), most likely 2014. 

I definitely feel like I thrived in the higher mileage weeks in training.  I'm also finding my paces on easy runs are faster which is a great feeling.

2013 will be more about getting faster at the half marathon.  Going to train at high mileage weeks still; I ended 2012 at 1857 miles.  I definitely think I can get to 2000 this year, as long as I don't get lazy or sick. 

Here's to a promising year of running and joy!