Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tap Those Toes!

Week 4 of marathon training was completed on Sunday.


* Back on my feet fully and back on track after back ouches.

* Getting a really awesome feeling when I complete a week with 9, 10, and 11 mile runs - and none of them are my long runs

* Lowlight is that I skipped personal training but I think it was the right choice; I probably would have thrown myself back in too far with that

Right now I am feeling vaguely stiff and achey in the mornings.  I had a massage on Monday that was good and also interesting in that now I don't have the pain in the back but more around my tailbone?  It's not bad but it is interesting.

I ended the week by going and getting new new shoes.  The new there twice is not an accident; I had bought a pair of Mizuno Inspire + another pair of Ravenna 2s (on sale!) at Dick's but in size 6.  Vanity kept me from buying a half size up, which is a mistake I believe. I need more room right now.  The black toenails are pretty much an obvious sign.  So I returned both pairs and went to my LRS and got Brooks Adrenaline 12.  They are a bit more supportive than the Ravennas and I do wonder if they might be too supportive.  I made the mistake of going in to be fitted the afternoon after 9 miles so I think there was some stiffness that might have made my walking a little off?  I'm going to give them a chance, though.  I wore them this morning for a 6 miler and they felt good!

I still want to get another pair of shoes so I can rotate but that's going to the backburner.  I leave this Friday for VACATION!  So happy.  It's my absolute favorite time of the year and I can't believe it's ALMOST HERE.  My mom drives up tomorrow afternoon so I am WFH and I CANNOT WAIT.

I do plan on following my schedule while I am on vacation but at least I will be able to sleep on the beach instead of having to go to work after those runs.  YAY BEACH!

Oh, and the title of this post?  I've fallen madly in love (in a female crush way) with Sutton Foster.  So fierce.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ow ow MOMMY!

Week three of training finished on Sunday.

* Miles run - 39.  This includes a long run of 16 miles Monday followed by a full day of work.

* I had an awesome streak - 16, 8, 5 were Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

* Wednesday was also personal training where I was strong and in good form.

Notice how the above is all early in the week?  That's because Thursday things turned around.  I went to pull my gym bag out of my car and OW.  Lower back spasms straight down into my leg.  That led to two days off work/in bed; I couldn't bend down to the floor, and I had a legitimate fear more than once that I would not be able to get out of the tub.

A lot of mental games along with the back pain.  Was this going to derail me?  Was I ever going to be able to run again?  What if I can't - I'll get fat again!  The last thought led me to overeat chocolate, which of course is very helpful.

I ended up going to the doctor on Friday afternoon.  She took a look at my back and immediately said I was very tight.  I ended up being told everything I had been doing - warm baths with epsom salts, IcyHot, painkillers - was exactly right.  She told me to take a triple dose of Advil as needed and offered muscle relaxants, which I declined.  I asked her about my training and she said this was a very common problem with marathon training and that I could keep going (yay!).

Hearing from the doctor that I wasn't going to die made a huge difference mentally.  I ended up doing a walk (with some short running bursts) Friday night, and was back out running on Saturday.  All in all I missed one full day of training + cut short my Saturday run since it was my first back.

Right now I have some remaining back aches but it feels better when I run.  I'm trying not to take too much of the Advil because 1.) I don't want it to be a habit and 2.) it can be bad for the liver over the long run, especially when taken right before running.  I'm also deliberately stretching more post-run and am adding a light walk at night followed by stretches/hot bath.

I'm entering my fourth week of training and am doing my best to keep sane and balanced between not over thinking the back thing but also not ignoring it.  I also plan on getting in for a good massage on Thursday to help with the remaining tightness.  I have personal training tomorrow and I've warned my trainer in advance so we should be able to work well but safely.

Cross fingers week 4 is better than week 3!~

Friday, July 06, 2012

Feed me, Seymour

Second week of marathon training.

* 14 mile run in heat = taking more breaks than I wanted, but FINISHED.  Then got in a car and drove for 4 1/2 hours to Mom's house, no break for lunch.  Me  =/= smart at that point.

* Mid-week runs - two around Mom's neighborhood, relatively hilly.  Still hot, still adjusting.

* Third mid-week run - on a nice very shaded path.  Meant to be 12 but started late enough that I didn't want to deal, swapped with 6 mile run.

* Yesterday's 12 mile run, same path mentioned above.  New experience - #1 and #2 trailside.  And I do mean trailside; about a foot before dropoff.  Luckily no one saw me.  Other new experience - running only in sports bra.  It was HOT.  I wanted to give up at 6 miles but didn't.  But - walking at some points.   Don't feel too bad about it, actually; I feel like I gave my all.

* Today = day off.  Yay!  First since Memorial Day, as I was finishing out the RW summer streak.

Notes from this week:

* I WAS STARVING.  Really, seriously, hunger hunger.  It's harder/awkward feeling this way in someone else's house.  My choices aren't here and it was one of those strange hungers that was hard to satisfy.
- Mitigation plan - Good snack planning when I get home because this is going to continue while in training.

* It was hot.  Hot hot hot.
Mitigation - Need to consciously ignore the Garmin and SLOW DOWN even more.  Consistent running > some walking > not finishing.  Let's get more in the first group, but second is still okay.  Time on feet.

Next week:
* Books on yoga for running on their way to the library - yay!

Overall still excited/happy with my training.  My butt belongs outside!  Running tan FTW!

(Tan, not burn - sun tan lotion also mandatory)

(Still starving)