Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm back (and nobody missed me)

I'm back! *crickets chirp* Yeah, I know. Ego talking, but I thought I'd wave my hands and scream to the web "I'm not dead yet!".

Anyway, I haven't posted in close to 2 years, but believe me - I've been cooking. My most recent successes have been in using a wonderful sourdough starter given to me by a friend from San Francisco. I've been doing some great sourdough english muffins and easy breads.

As usual, I do a lot more thinking about recipes than actual cooking. This has been particularly true recently (well, semi-recently), as I changed jobs back in October. It's coming up on 1 year at this job, and I am fat and happy. Well, happy, but not happy that I am fat(ter). Honestly - you try working at a job with a fully-stocked kitchen (I'll post pictures later) and free lunches every Thursday, and see where you are in a year. I'm just lucky I've fallen in love with exercise classes (more on those later).

I still want to do 5 recipes a week. I plan on doing Monday cookies - a tradition started by my wonderful friend Tina when we worked together at our last job. I want to do more with my starter (it's so cool!). I want to do more Chinese/Indian recipes for some reason (why do I crave them)? I also have a ton of beans to work with (darn you Rancho Gordo!), have fallen in love with eggs, want to experiment with salads...gads, the inspiration never stops.

All this to say - I still love to cook - and will always make time for it. And I will post more about what I do cook. I find so many recipes through other people - I want to keep the chain going.


Joe said...

Welcome back, Susan! Glad to see a post show up in my reader!

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