Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Never Going to Be Perfect

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I am an overthinker.  No question about it.  So of course I've been taking a look at the conditions for my race on Saturday (Devil's Chase, 6.66 miles).  They look like the exact opposite of my last race - going from sunny mid-80s to rain/snow and temps probably in the high 30s-low 40s.  Now I've been enjoying the last couple weeks of cooler weather, but this turn seems really fast.  I haven't run in these temps since last winter.

This is where I take the promises that I made to myself after my last race.  I won't psyche myself out too much.  Checking the weather every 5 minutes is not suddenly going to turn it into sunny and in the 50s.  I have to be prepared for the race, but it does me no good to overplan.  Stress does not lead to success.  Much as it is a fun rhyme.

I'm probably still going to be checking the weather.  I'll only really take it seriously the day before, when I have to put together my race day outfit.  Rain, snow, or sunny - if the race is on, I am on. 

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