Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let's DO this thing

I'm running the Run to Remember tomorrow. I'm very excited because 1.) I feel my training went well and 2.) my bum hamstring has been feeling much better recently.  The second seemed to improve after enforced rest after a nasty cold; hey - that's a silver lining on that knock-me out cold.

I have a goal.  I did 2:12 with a bad leg; one training cycle and healed leg later, I believe I can do 2:07.  The only thing holding me back now is the weather.

Not optimal, but I think I can work with it.  I've been training through the heat/humidity only in the last week, so there's definitely some adjustment that's started but I might not be 100% there.  What will bring me through is the mental game.  That's really what I feel got stronger in the last two training cycles, the reminder that "Yeah, this sucks.  It's not supposed to be easy, otherwise it wouldn't be a race!".  When I'm 4 miles in and want to just stop - I won't.  That's kind of obvious because duh - where would I go?  But just that mental reminder that I'm in this place to push myself to my limits and not to give up will give me that boost I need.

I had someone ask on one of my prior posts how I took so much time off my half.  There are a lot of factors (including that I had so much time to take off!) that I will go into in a longer post, but one definitely is the mind game.  I feel like this training cycle and the one before have made me much stronger overall - body and spirit.

Run to Remember - I'm coming for ya!

Extra bonus - Just as I was writing this post the doorbell rang.  New clothes from Lululemon!  Yay!  They of course will not be broken in until next week - NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY - but it was a pretty awesome pick-me-up when I started to get a little mentally down.

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RoseRunner said...

Sorry to here your race didn't go as planned either... :( waiting for the recap!