Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's going on

I got a comment recently (hi Jill!) asking where I've been.  Although I wish I could answer that I was off drinking martinis in a tropical paradise while a multitude of half-naked men catered to my every whim, it was not the case.  But that's a good fantasy to keep in my back pocket.  Nor were my arms broken, as is often asked when you are too lazy to do anything.  It's pretty much the last part of that statement - too lazy to update.

Me and Hahvahd

What's been going on:

* I ran the BAA 5K.  It was crowded and I improved my PR, but only by 14 seconds.  It was okay for what it was - a race you can't take too seriously because of the # of people running vs. the size of the streets - but I was disappointed because I want that big PR improvement. 27:xx baby!  To that end I have a pair of 5Ks coming up - actually back to back ones on June 2/3 - one of which I will PR!  Or maybe not.  See next bullet.  PR will probably have to wait until July 5K in Maine

* I've been training for the Run to Remember which is this coming Sunday.  Training has been going very well; I'm repeating the training I used for Quincy, which is the half marathon level 1 from Run Faster by Brad Hudson.  Love those training plans.  I think I executed more effectively on the plan this time too; I figured out how to modulate my paces more and I think that helped me get through the runs better.  I've been keeping my eyes on the weather for the race - cross fingers it stays semi-cool.  Right now it's showing in the 60s which is slightly more than I want.  Still aiming high - 2:07:xx is my goal.  But if the weather doesn't co-operate - there is still the BAA half later in the year.

* From the prior two bullets - yes, I am still running.  That pain in my butt?  Moderately better.   I want to say much but I still have it annoying me for a lot of runs.  What did help recently was three days of enforced rest brought on by a nasty cold.  Plus - foam rolling, the stick, better stretching.  Also still doing personal training and feeling strong.  Still need to be better about scheduling in massages/yoga.  Will have to mod next training program.  Which leads to...

* MARATHON TRAINING.  Although this is technically not something I've been doing but will be doing, it's something that I am excitedly looking forward to.  I will be starting my training June 25 - right after a 10K.  Good timing, huh?  In between I have about a month for light training; keeping up the mileage, one heavier session a week, but trying not to kill myself.

* And although it's not easy to believe, I do other things than running.  Photographic proof!

Cousins in NYC!

From the NYC trip - NEWSIES is awesome, go see.  Mary Poppins is disappointing not because of the performances (although kid actors can annoy) but because by it's nature it had to vary from the movie (how could they do the painting scene?) but it varied so much that it was too unfamiliar.  Like when you love a song and you hear a cover that just is too different?  Craftbar is a great restaurant, especially when you have a friend of a friend who is the sommelier make the reservation.  We got free food at every course, ending up with four desserts at the end because we had no pattern recognition and ordered three desserts without thinking "Duh - we've been getting free food at every course, MAYBE THEY'LL DO IT AT DESSERT".

The best was the one in the center (cornbread with peach topping), which was complimentary.

* Not me specifically, but my family - I have a new niece!  Violet.  She is plain adorable from what I hear.  No pictures yet.  Second child - it will take time to get them as they are busy having a three year old and a newborn.

Other than the above - work is busy/stressing.  I'm "fighting my weight" although it's a moderately successful fight as I am sticking within a pound or two of a sticking point.  It's just a sticking point that's 5 pounds higher than I want, and I don't have the mental energy to motivate myself into buckling down.

Oh, and I've been trying out new hairstyles - what do you think?


(And for Jill, since she's the one who prompted me back out of hiding...I'm going to find a good picture of the costume I wore when I did Bay to Breakers last year.  I did it with a group and we were on the news and in multiple newspapers!)

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