Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tap Those Toes!

Week 4 of marathon training was completed on Sunday.


* Back on my feet fully and back on track after back ouches.

* Getting a really awesome feeling when I complete a week with 9, 10, and 11 mile runs - and none of them are my long runs

* Lowlight is that I skipped personal training but I think it was the right choice; I probably would have thrown myself back in too far with that

Right now I am feeling vaguely stiff and achey in the mornings.  I had a massage on Monday that was good and also interesting in that now I don't have the pain in the back but more around my tailbone?  It's not bad but it is interesting.

I ended the week by going and getting new new shoes.  The new there twice is not an accident; I had bought a pair of Mizuno Inspire + another pair of Ravenna 2s (on sale!) at Dick's but in size 6.  Vanity kept me from buying a half size up, which is a mistake I believe. I need more room right now.  The black toenails are pretty much an obvious sign.  So I returned both pairs and went to my LRS and got Brooks Adrenaline 12.  They are a bit more supportive than the Ravennas and I do wonder if they might be too supportive.  I made the mistake of going in to be fitted the afternoon after 9 miles so I think there was some stiffness that might have made my walking a little off?  I'm going to give them a chance, though.  I wore them this morning for a 6 miler and they felt good!

I still want to get another pair of shoes so I can rotate but that's going to the backburner.  I leave this Friday for VACATION!  So happy.  It's my absolute favorite time of the year and I can't believe it's ALMOST HERE.  My mom drives up tomorrow afternoon so I am WFH and I CANNOT WAIT.

I do plan on following my schedule while I am on vacation but at least I will be able to sleep on the beach instead of having to go to work after those runs.  YAY BEACH!

Oh, and the title of this post?  I've fallen madly in love (in a female crush way) with Sutton Foster.  So fierce.

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