Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Food, as simple as that

Remember when I used to blog about my cooking?  If you've read my blog lately probably not.  If you look at the url for my blog you can see I started it centered around cooking; specifically cooking five new recipes a week.  This was years ago and a prior job and I actually did pretty well at it I think.  But times and hobbies change, and, well...

But this weekend I cooked.  It's actually not a surprise I cook most weekends but I just don't take pictures.   I think pictures are more critical in a post about food than a regular post so, no pictures, no post.   But - I remembered to take pictures this weekend!  Yay!

Sunday night was Classic Beef Chili from Eating Well .  I stuck pretty firmly to the recipe but declined to buy scallions just to act as a garnish/topping.  It's a waste because I never use the rest of the scallions before they go bad.  Anyway, result is below.

I don't love the result.  It's an interesting recipe in that it includes shreds of sweet potato which are meant to melt into the chili.  Mine ended up with most melting in but some still around which gives the deceptive appearance of having cheese in the result.  It's kind of disappointing to expect cheese and not get it.  Other than that it's kind of a generic chili.  Not spiced strongly enough for my tastes, and the meat wasn't meat-y enough for what I am used to.  Definitely not a repeat.

I was in the mood for chili after New Year's because my brother made some on New Year's Day.  It's our traditional family meal for the day.  This chili satisfied that craving but didn't make me long to eat the leftovers in my fridge.  I'll definitely keep and freeze what's left - squeezing in to my freezer (pictures will be with post tomorrow), but still on the lookout for a good beef chili.

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