Wednesday, January 04, 2012

All good things...

Home again home again, jiggity jig.  Not so happy to be home after a wonderful trip to see my brother's family.

Oh how I miss this little sweetness

It was a very relaxing trip.  We got out some more after our day at the zoo, including going to the botanical gardens.  They had a train exhibit which of course fascinated my niece.

After the garden it was time for lunch at a diner that has fabulous desserts.


My partially decimated reuben

The highlight of the rest of the week for me was my birthday!  It also happened to be New Year's Eve, but we all know that my birthday takes precedence.  My brother and his wife had some friends over and we all had dinner and played Cranium.   Definitely a lot of fun and laughter.

Yay cake!

Morning after

I flew home on the first.  I really miss my family right now.  It's really hard to get back in to the swing of things - definitely some post-holiday depression.  It's only natural after so much joy.  So - I guess I'll take it. The trip is worth the let down.

Hope to see this lovebug again soon!

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