Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just plain nutz

January has been an interesting month in running for me.  I'm trying to streak through January (run at least  a mile per day every day), started the effort on the 4th.  It's 11 days later, and I'm still going strong.  I'm hitting my miles and even doing some speed work.  I get lost in my runs and my body just handles it.  I'm not tripping over my own feet or kicking myself in the ankle (which I've done frequently before).  Everything is...good.

Today was an interesting run.  Temps were going to hit a high of 21.  With windchill - it was going to feel like it was in the low negatives.  I bundled up in my new Underarmour set (yay birthday gift from Dad!) and started out.  I probably should layer up more next time because I definitely felt chilled for a large portion of the run.  I also think I made the mistake of stopping for water/fueling at mile 7.  Even though the water was room temp (thank god!), I think my body was sending blood to the stomach to digest and it probably made it more chilly.  Also I had stopped about a mile earlier to go to the bathroom and I think my glove got a bit wet next to the sink.  I looked down at a little over mile 8 and the tip was frozen stiff.  At that point I could have stopped; I was next to a T station and had cash, I could have hopped on and finished my run on the treadmill in comfort.  I seriously thought about it but in the end kept going.  Mostly because I knew if I took the T it would be the T and a bus because of construction on the line.  And I still don't like the treadmill.  Not hate as much anymore, just not my favorite.  Definitely warming to it for speed workouts, however.

Anyway, like I said I kept going.  Around mile 10 my fingers started feeling numb.  It was definitely scary, but I kept moving them and putting my hands in my armpits when I was at stoplights.  I got to mile 11.5 and that's where I was supposed to turn it on for the last 5 minutes.  Amazingly I did.  Even after 11.5 miles I had something in me and I poured it on.  It felt good.

I'm a couple months away from my next big race and I am already excited for it.  I'm going to be careful in my training and eating going forward.  I have high hopes for a great race and for a great 2012.  Don't forget - I already called it as my year!

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