Monday, March 21, 2005

Eating Well Week - Day 2

Well, 2 new recipes, 1 success - one not so much.

First the good - Cumin-Roasted Almonds - from the Essential Eating Well Cookbook. I split the recipe in half, and will have the almonds mixed with raisins as my afternoon snack for the week. The recipe was very simple - just toss together ingredients and bake/roast. The resulting almonds were gorgeous - a beautiful brown. And when they mixed with the raisins, the salt came off on the raisins, and it was a good combination. But the down side is, the almonds didn't end up with much of a different taste than almonds toasted with no extra ingredients have. The cumin was more of a fragrance than a taste - which is unfortunate, because I love cumin.

Second the not as good - Artichoke Lasagna, from 10/96. I've been dying to make this recipe for a long time. Unfortunately, because I did the grocery shopping and the cooking tonight, I ended up rushing around and screwing up. So - the cheese sauce burnt a bit on the bottom, and I mistakenly left out the proscuitto. And something that was not my fault - the lasagna noodles were broken in the box. I did try something new with this as well - not pre-cooking the noodles. I think that worked fairly well - I think it would have been alright with whole noodles. The end result was a lasagna that seemed to have an okay flavor - but not enough to keep - leftovers went down the drain. I don't think I'll be doing lasagna again - I think I prefer other pastas.

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