Saturday, April 02, 2005

Out to dinner

So - out to dinner tonight w/ a very nice guy. Nothing fancy - just Longhorn. Something I miss in my own cooking - red meat. I guess I am kind of afraid of red meat at home.

See, I'm a baker by nature. I think it appeals to me because I like logical progressions, and stability. You preheat the oven, mix everything up, and you get what you get. My problem is, I like having an exact time for things - when a recipe says 5 minutes, I like to depend on the 5 minutes. So, when a recipe tells me to cook onions for 5 minutes, I want to cook them for 5 minutes - and am a little disconcerted when they look done in 3. It's something I'm learning to cope with.

And that leads to red meat - I am 99% sure the problem I would have at home is that I would overcook the meat. It's not that I can't afford the meat - it's just that I'm afraid of setting off the smoke detector - which I've already done once cooking chicken.

So what did I have for dinner? Baby back ribs - and fries. Yum.

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