Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Inspired again

So, summer is over. I'll definitely miss the warmth. Boy, did those temps change fast! But enough of that; discussions of weather can be very, very boring and repititious. What I am happy to say today is that I was inspired by cooking again.

I had been somewhat depressed this summer. A combination of great vacations and great food made me gain some weight. I am very obsessive about my weight (in a healthy way!), so I felt a lot of pressure on myself to eat light, which can be tough sometimes when you love to cook. I lived on some very light foods, and did not cook as much.

I still have to lose the weight, but I am back on the cooking wagon. Tonight was a recipe that made me happy to be a cook. Truly not an incredible, ohmigod, this is perfect recipe, but a recipe that had enough appeal in different ways to bring me back to cooking, and back to this blog.

The recipe is Coconut Curried Chicken, from Cooking Light. The result was a beautiful dish to view. The mushrooms, green peas, and onions cooked up very aromatically. The chicken came out beautifully - very tender. And happily, there was definitely enough sauce! The down side was that I wasn't sure that the flavor was there. It felt like it was just an echo in the dish. I was glad to have a curry that was not overheated, though; I had made a curry from another source that was so hot I couldn't eat it!

So, even though it was not a perfect recipe, it was enough to make me happy again in the kitchen. And happy to be back to myself.

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