Saturday, June 25, 2011



So, tomorrow is the BAA 10K. Not my first time to the rodeo as it were; this will be my third 10K. The first two I did had stories around them (which I might share later), and I have hopes that this one will as well. But most importantly I have hopes for a new PR. This is a flat course vs. my prior 10K, I've been working on speed, etc. But the most important factor is that about 3 weeks ago I went in for physical therapy for my right knee. One of the first things the PT told me that I wasn't balancing my weight on my legs, to the point that when I stood straight, my right knee was bent without me even realizing it! Since then I've worked on strengthening my quads and being even in my walking - and my running! I feel like I am very balanced, my posture is good, and I can rock this!

So, I'm excited for the race. Not very nervous, which is good? I guess?

One other thing I am excited about...

That this bowl of what appears to be disgustingness will hopefully turn out to be greatness tomorrow.

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