Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I run so I can eat

Like I said in my last post, I've changed a bit. Just over a year ago I started training with a new personal trainer. She was interesting to me because her bio mentioned losing a lot of weight. It paralleled my experiences so I felt like she would understand my crazy brain. We started working together and I found out she was a runner. She had done Boston once by then, and would do it again after I started working with her.

I've always wanted to run. I just could never get past the "run as hard as I can" mental part. Bright red face, extremely short distances, very slow. I started working with Natalie (my trainer then, and still) and decided on a big goal. I signed up for the Disney half marathon this past January.

A year later, at least one of those three parameters has changed. I still get bright red, and after some of my longer runs I have white patches on my face from salt. I still go slow - my fastest mile has been 9:30 during a training run, and my legs hurt for two days afterwards. But - I ran/walked the half marathon (and that is a story in itself), and since then have run several other races, including an awesome 10 miler through the cherry blossoms in DC.

I am doing another half marathon in September in Disneyland. My goal is to run 11 races this year. I've signed up for 10 so far. I'm planning for a marathon next year, and for 2014 (when I turn 40), I'm going to go Goofy. That's doing the Disney World half marathon/marathon on consecutive days.

I run 3 to 4 times a week. I want to do more, but feel it can be counterproductive. I mostly do 3-4 mile runs on the weekdays, and my longer runs are 6-10 miles. I am very ridiculous in my running, because I tend to have no sense of direction. I got lost 1/2 a mile from my office - 2x!

All of that to say - I am hooked on running. And on running blogs. And reading about running. And being annoyingly boring about running. It's just how I am about cooking/health!


RoseRunner said...

11 races this year!!! you are rad. Love your new attitude. And yes, I'm also addicted to running blogs... my running has improved so much since I started blogging. Just knowing other people care really helps...

May I ask: how are you budgeting for 11 races? I need to learn how!

Susan said...

Rose - thanks so much for the comment! I totally read your blog and love/hate. Love because it's totally honest. Hate 'cause I'm all mad jealous of your awesome speed. But overall - love. Love you more now for knowing that your blogging helped your running - it's very inspiring to get me writing for.

As for the budgeting, well...let's just say I work at a very well paying position and don't have very large expenses. But 11 races this year will probably be unusual; I'm just so hooked that the first year feels like it has to be big. And it is big! But the end of this year/into next year will be a little more fiscally conservative.