Thursday, December 29, 2011


I seriously cannot remember what it feels like to work.  I have off until January 3rd and am enjoying every moment of peace.

I've been getting in my runs for my half; so nice to run on bike paths.  I will have to use the one near me when I get back home.  It's also been nice for winter in Wisconsin, which is a great benefit.

It's also been fun to spend more time with my family.  Not concentrated time - we usually do our own thing most of the day - but we are doing some fun stuff together as well.

Like - cookie baking!

And the zooooooooooooo!


The rare purple-hatted polar bear

An entire lion family!

How wide are your arms compared to an ape's?

Mama and baby chick!

It was pretty much perfect.  It was a relatively warm day but there was hardly anyone there.  And as you can see, the animals were all out!  

After the zoo we hit the Original Pancake House, where I proceeded to clean my plate.  Which was alright as I was fueling for the 8 mile run  a couple hours later.  Do not ask what I am fueling for with the cookies/licorice I ate tonight

With all that excitement there is always exhaustion, as modeled by sweet Luna below.

I'm exhausted and happy, and have 2+ more days to enjoy this feeling!


RoseRunner said...

California has been having an unnaturally nice winter so far too! I'm back to work tomorrow too after a 5 day weekend...oh my goodness, it was so nice and refreshing. I could use a 5-day break every 3 months please.

Amber said...

Your dog is too cute!

Ali Mc said...

I love the zoo and your kids are just the cutest!!!!

oh and I love all dogs...including yours!