Thursday, June 16, 2005

Clearing out the fridge - Whole Wheat Beer Bread

I don't drink - pretty much at all. I'm a froo-froo drinks girl, will do something like a strawberry daiquiri or maybe a white russian. And when I do have that froo-froo drink it's maybe at most 4 times a year. So how did I end up with a six pack of beer in my fridge? Cooking, of course. But it took me a while to work my way through the entire pack. And that one last bottle? Beer bread!

The recipe I used I found on - Beer Bread. I've made beer bread before, from a recipe from the All New Joy of Cooking, and although I liked it, it wasn't the ultimate recipe for me. So when I had the one lonely bottle of beer left, I knew exactly where it would go.

I liked this recipe in theory because it included whole wheat flour in the ingredients. I did read the comments on the bread, but followed the recipe exactly, without adding the butter that some suggest.

The result was nice. I liked the bread, but be warned - it is sweet. If I did repeat this recipe I would cut down the sugar. It also had a slight aftertaste to it. This might be due to the fact that there was so much baking powder in it, even though I did use non-aluminum powder.

I melted slices of 2% american cheese on top of the bread for a nice open-faced sandwich. I also might use the leftovers alongside soup.

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