Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tag - I'm it!

So I got nominated to answer the latest meme by Kayaksoup. Fun stuff - makes me think about inspiration in cooking.

Total number of cookbooks I've owned - Current count is about 50. But that doesn't count the 1000+ recipes from magazines and Mastercook. And the recipes that I need to type in from the 20 cookbooks I have out from the library.

Last cookbook(s) I bought - Wraps:Easy Recipes for Handheld Meals; Weight Watchers Cook it Quick! (and I cooked from it tonight); The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book.

Last cookbook I read - Baking at Home with the Culinary Institute of America

Five cookbooks that mean a lot to me -
I'm going to cheat a bit on this one - I can't think of 5 cookbooks, so I am going with 5 cooking inspirations.
1. A copy of the Joy of Cooking given to me by my high school cooking teacher. I took cooking class all 4 years!
2. My dad - He said years ago that when my mom was traveling and I was doing the cooking (this was back in high school still), he put on 5 pounds. He always encourages me to become a cook, but I think I'll stick with doing it for myself - I couldn't handle the pressure.
3. The Cooking Light Bulletin Board - I get inspired by reading what others have cooked, read recipe reviews, and get encouraged to do more cooking. Without them I wouldn't be cooking as much as I do.
4. MasterCook - How could I live without this software? Not very well, I think. It actually is very like something I designed for a computer class in college, before I knew it existed.
5. Other blogs. It really is a global community, and it encourages me to experiment.

Which 5 people would you most like to see fill this out in their blog? - I'm late to the party, I think, so I'm not sure who else is left. I'd love to see Chocolate and Zucchini, 101 cookbooks,Bakerina and a couple that have already done it - Orangette and Domestic Goddess

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linda said...

Susan, glad to see you got the "tag"! It is so interesting to read other people's inspiration.