Thursday, July 14, 2005

2,2,2 reviews in one! - Cranberry & Herb Turkey Burgers w/Blueberry Ketchup

So, I had a post written on these recipes - and I managed to lose it. Smoooooooooooooooth.

It was all about how I love flavor/ingredient combinations that are outside of the norm. Although when I think about it, it's not too far outside of the norm. I mean, I have Iron Chef on right now, and some of the combinations they put together make me flinch. My "unusual" tastes go towards things like raisins in couscous and pepper in cookies/cakes/brownies - the latter of which I never have had, but have a few recipes that I am dying to try. Something like the grapes in the chicken curry is something I like in theory, although my rendition did not totally appeal.

Anyway, blueberry ketchup is something fun to do. I like regular ketchup, but it's not my favorite condiment. I will actually only eat it pretty much on the rare hot dog or hamburger. Not even on fries! And just for completeness' sake, I'm not big on mayonnaise, and prefer mustard on subs.

I quartered the batch of ketchup but still felt like I had plenty. I used it the first day on a turkey wrap. It's not an overwhelming flavor. That's the whole point though - a condiment should enhance, not overwhelm. So on that basis, the ketchup works.

The next day I mixed up the burgers. A warning - if you are looking for a standard hamburger replacement/mimic, this isn't it. It is an unusual flavored recipe. Someone else said in reviewing it that it reminded them of Thanksgiving, and I have to agree. But it's a good Thanksgiving flavor. It was so nice to work with the fresh herbs. I think they really enhanced the flavor. The meat was definitely moist. The blueberry ketchup worked well with it. And the hamburger bun was whole wheat, leftover from a month or so ago.

I'm not sure I'd repeat either recipe. Comparing this burger to the pinto bean vegetable burger I made with those buns, I prefer the pinto burger. And the ketchup is not a very universal condiment to me, although I have enough to freeze, and will try over salmon, as they suggested.

All three recipes are on Eating Well's website -
Cranberry & Herb Turkey Burgers
Blueberry Ketchup
Whole Wheat Burger Buns

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