Friday, January 13, 2006

Cold weather comfort food...even though it doesn't feel like winter

It's been a weird winter so far. One snowfall. And then today - temps in the 60's. I'm not looking for blizzards; I'm not a snow fan. It's just very weird.

Anyway, the recipe I made tonight is definitely a traditional comfort food. Of course, since most comfort food is a little heavier than I like to make for myself, I went with a revised version of the recipe, from Cooking Light. The recipe? Tuna Noodle Casserole.

I know a lot of people have emotional associations with this casserole. It's also stereotypical of bland food. Maybe because my mom didn't cook it when I was a kid, but I am very open to finding a good recipe. Unfortunately, this one wasn't it. Maybe it's because the recipe called for a specific brand of cream of mushroom soup that I couldn't find. I used a regular low-fat mushroom soup, while the one they called for had cracked peppers and herbs.

I do have half portions of some of the ingredients left, so I may repeat this sooner rather than later, if I can find the specific soup the recipe calls for.

Since I didn't love this recipe, I'll hold off posting, until I can see if it's the recipe or if it's my ingredients.


Cyndi said...

Since I'm bound and determined to eat healthy and lose weight, I just subscribed to CL a few days ago. I'm glad to see you put it to good use--so it should be worth my money! I wonder what was "wrong" with the tuna casserole?

Susan said...

I'm not sure what did go wrong with this one. I did eat it for the next couple days, and it wasn't bad. It wasn't an absence of flavor, which is something I've tasted before, which is not fun. It just didn't have a very strong flavor, which is something that I would want when working with something like egg noodles, which can tend to be bland on their own.

I definitely think you will love CL - it's where I usually go first when looking for a recipe.