Sunday, July 10, 2011

Disappointed but resolved

I did my long run this morning. I was not happy with the result. It was 8.2 miles, average 12:17 minute mile. When I look at the splits on my Garmin I was strong in the front miles and sloooow in the back.

I am definitely making some changes on my next long run.

* Instead of running with a water bottle on my back I will run with cash for water along the way. I think that having the water along the way made it too easy to "take water breaks" too often along the way.

* Recognize my weakness. If I walk once, I walk too much the rest of the way. I will aim to slow down next time when taking my gu/chomps/whatever, but not stop.

* There will be exhaustion. I will get hot. This is normal and good.

* Stretch longer before the run and during the week to make sure my hips don't seize.

* Take it slower up front. Practice this during shorter runs.

* Focus on posture. When I feel tired, take a breath and adjust.

* Plan for success; ignore what I did last week. I've done these distances before and done them well. Remember that.

I will be doing my best at the half in September. I need to learn these skills now for my future running. I won't always be running in 50 degree weather; I need to know how to deal.

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