Friday, July 08, 2011

Ook ook

Yes - still monkeying with giving up Diet Mt. Dew.

And in other news, it's hot and sticky. Not the best for training. BUT - I had a fun run on Wednesday. I ran with the running group again, and as opposed to last week I didn't run faster, but I had more fun. I ran and chatted with one of the girls the whole way. In fact we were so distracted that we passed our turnoff! Shorter than planned distance, but fun nonetheless.

WFH/sick day today. Woke up achy, feverish, yucky feeling in the morning. Improved later, but still need to get on the ball about my arthritis medication. Part of the feeling this morning was achyness in both hands, which is a sign of a flare.

Other more positive achyness was in my thighs for the past couple days. I guess I overdid it in my training session Wednesday. Haven't had achyness in a long time because of that. Does me some good!

Long run on Sunday; maybe long walk on Saturday? Either way, mixed bag week, but ready for a good weekend!

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