Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trot trot to Boston...and look at that - I actually cooked!

Well, I say look at it, but don't provide any pictures. Mad photo skillz - I haz them.

To start with the second part of the title, I did make a wonderful dinner tonight. Thank goodness for Oh She Glows. I spotted the recipe for Perfect Veggie Burgers this week and just knew it was perfect for using some of the beans I cooked this week. I do have to say - these burgers are definitely not mistitled. They are amazing. The texture is just right, the beans/almonds/sunflower seeds combination is fabulous, and the spices are beautiful. I served it in a pita half with some sliced cucumbers and garlic hummus. Could definitely stuff more into the pita - might do that with carrots for the leftovers tomorrow. And maybe I'm used to tiny servings, but I made 14 when her recipe served 8.

It was also a fabulous day for a run. Hot of course - this summer is nice to be out in, unless you're running. Today I felt it but didn't over feel it, if that makes sense? I deliberately ran slow - the same pace as my long run last week. It was different than the last run however, as I ran the entire way. Go me!

I am in such a good mood. Seven weeks to big race!

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Nicolas said...

Good luck with the race!
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