Saturday, July 02, 2011

Up and at 'em!

You know you're serious about your training program when you get up and run @6:30 - right before you have to drive 4 1/2 hours.

I'm visiting my mom this weekend. Also visiting my mom are my sister, her husband, and their 5 kids (ages 11 down to 18 months). A little bit more chaotic than the life of me and two cats that I'm used to.

From experience I knew that there really are no good places to run around my mom's house. Well, she has a loop around her neighborhood, but last time I ran there I had some...slight pee-ness that sticks in my mind. I'll save running around there for my shorter run on Monday. Plus - boring. But - geese!

So - up at 6:30. Pre-run - full bagel + PB! Hold back the excitement! I seriously need to re-think my fueling. The bagel is good, but I usually do an english muffin w/PB which may not be enough.

Anyway - started run. Around mile 1.25, felt a need to do #2. Luckily there was a Burger King nearby, so quick pit stop and off I went! I planned some high hills early in the run rather than later, so I could use some energy at the start.

It was hilly, I was sweaty, but felt good mentally. Chocolate Gu @ mile 4; not sure if it was the weather heating it up, but it didn't feel right going down. Plus - spilled some on shirt and shorts. Maybe switch to bloks? Broke down a bit in the last mile. Planned on 8, only finished 7.58.

Post-run there were salt deposits on my face, as usual. I'm not a huge fan of salted food, so I'm a little concerned about the amount that comes out in my sweat. I do have margarita shot bloks, which have extra salt; will probably use them on my next long run. On the upside, I've found that running with a nathan bottle carrier centered in my back is very comfortable.

After that, long drive, greeted by loved ones!

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