Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simply Happy

Thank God for heat waves breaking. I love the heat - when I'm not running. I will go outside and take my shoes off to get as much heat as I can from the sidewalks. I'm like a lizard. When I'm not moving, give me as much sun as you've got! For a short time, that is. Why is it that sweating in the sun feels great when you're still, but sucks when you aren't?

With the heat wave I had decided to move my weekly long run to Monday. I am such the weather junkie now that I'm running; I want to know days in advance what I'm going to face.

Monday was a lovely day; not too hot, not too cold. I got my lazy butt out of bed half an hour earlier than usual (6 instead of 6:30), fueled with a bagel w/PB, and went to my gym.

I was due for 10 miles and instead of mapping out my route beforehand I decided to go a little random. I had ideas of where I wanted to go but didn't map it all out. It was basically a series of out and backs, centering around my gym. With my first out and back I missed a turn which made me realize how close my gym actually is to where I pick up the T. New route possibilities abound!

I ran 6 miles without stopping. I know most people say to take water in that time but for me I can't; I think it distracts me, really doesn't help. I stopped ~6 miles to take two shot bloks - Margarita - and drink water from a public fountain. My stomach usually can take GU and I actually like them but for some reason in the heat I just can't. I think I have to go out and buy more shot bloks for the next few weeks of training.

Kept running after the fuel stop. Lost a little momentum when I went through a park, but picked it right back up. Around mile 8.5 I got a minor stitch in my side and took a quick stretch break so that I wouldn't be in pain for the rest of the run.

Mile 9.5 - my gym was in sight and I really needed to pee. Ducked in quickly, came back out to loop around for half a mile.

Came back, stretched - felt awesome! It's been a while since I've been able to go those distances without walk breaks - basically, since summer started. I think I've got the exertion for longer distances worked out; I can definitely feel the difference between "can go forever at this pace" and "mid-range distances, but will exhaust over time".

I feel so much more prepared for my half in September. And I definitely feel happy with my running. I'm not the fastest, but I am doing it!

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