Sunday, July 03, 2011

Get that yellow-green monkey off my back

I've got a monkey on my back. It's yellow-green, fizzy, and has no calories.

Yes - I am a hardcore Diet Mt. Dew junkie. Secondary addiction to Coke Zero.

I've heard too many times the reasons diet sodas are bad for you. Bad for your teeth, bad for your bones, bad for your waist (according to recent data). I even believe that it contributes to stomach issues that I feel. Even with all of that - I couldn't give it up.

Note carefully the previous sentence. Couldn't. Not can't. That's because I promise myself from the end of this weekend forward; no more soda. I've given it up before and gone back, and even gave it up for Lent this year. I know I can do it.

I want to run the best I can and I fully believe that my hydration suffers because of my soda addiction. Time to go.

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