Friday, July 15, 2011

What a difference a few days make

This week was AWESOME. My last post was a little bit down, but since then I've:

* Rocked out to a Monday night dance class. This is really fun for cross training, although to be honest I was a bit grossed out when the woman next to me took off her shirt (she had a sports bra, of course) and she was unshaven! Like fully grown inches long hair in her pits. I try to be relaxed/it's her choice about these things but I was just fascinated/grossed out.

* Ran with the Wednesday running group and had a really fun time. I was relaxed, it was a good pace, plus I get to practice having conversations while running. Plus the woman I talk to is really nice. Unfortunately I'm such a blonde at heart that I've already forgotten her name. Will ask her this coming Wednesday.

* Ran a tempo run Thursday. I hadn't done one of those in a long time; I rocked it! Aiming for a 10:30 for two miles. Mile 1 - 10:40; mile 2 - 9:53! Wow!

* Even with sore thighs from Thursday I did a tough core class Friday morning. Kept myself going through hills, speedwork, core intervals, and strength/cardio drills. I've even become so used to burpees that they are automatic with me.

I am working it!

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