Saturday, July 09, 2011

Relaxing into Strength

I did a short yoga session today. 20 minutes, free podcast. I listened to it and followed along with the pose guide twice before I actually tried the practice. I have a fun, pretty yoga mat (very important, of course) that I got for Christmas and has been unused pretty much since.

I followed the practice very well and was able to do all the poses but at the end, I felt...disappointed. I really did my best and it was slightly straining. I can be a very tense person; my personal trainer is always gently yelling at me to take my shoulders down from my ears. So with this practice I felt like I wasn't breathing into the moves properly and reaching with my body.

It was a starting session so I've got room to grow. I'm happy I did it, and happy to recognize where I can improve. I hope to get to the point where when I finish a yoga session my body is so relaxed that I'm ready to fall asleep.

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