Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Road Rash

I can be a bit clumsy. I've fallen on my knees on more than one occasion. Today I added another injury to the list.

I was out with my running group, chatting away with my running partner. We'd passed a nasty stretch of uneven/missing bricks, crossed over a high hill, I was feeling great.

Then out of the blue - at mile 2.5 of a planned 3.5 mile run- I'm falling. Not sure what I tripped on, but I fell hard. Knees hit, hands hit - side of face hit. Short skid - just enough to rip some good amount of skin off.

My running partner was a bit freaked (luckily she had some water, I poured it over my knees for some relief). I got up, we started walking....and then I decided I felt good enough, so we started running.

We had started from my gym, so when we ended there the trainer that ran the group and the trainer that I was scheduled for a session with helped clean me up a bit. From there - off to the doctor's. No concussion but geeze - really bad scrapes.

I spent the morning icing my knees. I have a scrape on the side of my cheek next to my eye that is aching. I just came out of the bath and slathered on Neopsorin. And you know what? I'm still planning on running the 5K I have scheduled for Friday night.

(Where's that gif for crazy?)

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