Friday, December 02, 2011

Don't think...just do!

I had a really good day today.  My dad flew in to spend the weekend!  I'll work backwards through today's events.

We just got back from seeing The Muppets.  Thumbs up.  I also will admit that I teared up towards the end, when they sang Rainbow Connection.  I also sang along a bit when they sang the Muppet intro song.  I also liked a lot of the original songs in the movie.  Amy Adams rocked it.

I will also admit that I teared up at one of the previews.  It's the one about whales trapped in Alaska, and all the people working to save them?  How can you not tear up at that!

Before the movie my dad and I went out to dinner at the same Chinese place I went a couple weeks ago with my cousins. I still loved the crispy fried chicken.  My dad, whose business partner is Chinese and goes with her to Chinese restaurants all the time...not so impressed.  Fun was had in just being together, however.

Before Dad showed up I did some standard at home stuff. I had decided to spoil myself by taking the entire day off!  I could have worked from home and picked my dad up when he came in from the airport, but I decided to treat myself.  Didn't do much, but did get a lot of online Christmas shopping done.  All of the kids are done, and the women of the family.  All I have left are the men but I have ideas for at least one.  Yay online shopping!  I don't have to go to the mall!

Before I settled in for some computer time I had slept in.  I was due for a tempo run, and was a bit nervous.  It's another mental thing; I don't like to be uncomfortable.  Which - duh - when you are working hard, that's what you are!  So I dallied along, trying to talk myself out of doing it.  I know that my dad wants to get out for a walk this weekend, so I would be out running when he did.  My dad walks 4 miles 5 times a week - go Dad!  Anyway, I knew I would be running at least once, so I told myself that I could just do a tempo run then.

I know myself.  If I didn't do the run this morning, I wouldn't do it.  And surprise - I did it.  And it went really well.  I did 5 miles total, with the three miles in the middle at sub-10, which for me is pretty awesome! The middle mile was at 9:13 - could I be looking at breaking 9 in 2012?  Maybe!

The lesson here is when I don't want to do it is when I most need to.  It's a lesson I need to really grind in with marathon training coming. I usually missed a run a week when I was training for my last half.  I finished pretty well, but I feel like if I had stuck with the training I could have done better.  More miles really is the key to success.  At least more miles consistently.

Another funny lesson is that I really have to treat my mind like a child at bedtime.  You know how you can put a kid to bed, and they find any excuse to get up again?  "Can I have a glass of water?  Can I have another story?  Just another 5 minutes!".  Well, that's my brain when running.  "Hey - maybe you should stop for some water" (I'm definitely not thirsty).  "Hey - slow down, you're actually working hard!" (That's the whole point!).  "Hey - even though there's no one around, stop for that red hand sign!" (Well, this one I usually pay attention to.  There's some crazy drivers around here).  I am setting a mini-goal to silence that voice.  Inner child - we have goals.  Work must be done to reach those goals.  This is no time to stop!

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