Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the little things

It's my last night in California and I have a silly pride.  I didn't overpack.  Well, in most people's eyes I probably did, but what I mean is that of all the clothes I packed I only ended up not using one pair of socks.  Yes - very silly, I know, but it's too often that I pack workout clothes for a certain number of days and don't end up using them.  Not this time!  That's really why I thrive on canned training; I know that I won't die on the race course if I miss a run, but I will feel really bad about it.  I have extra commitment now that I am setting some challenging goals for races in 2012!

Look - more pictures!  Hotel decorations!

 Pictures on my running route!

Pier 39 Christmas tree

Plaza of Christmas balls!

And of course - me!

Isn't my new  running skirt sweet? It really was easy to run in, although I wonder how it looked in movement.  It probably went stunningly with my beautiful sweaty face.

Not appearing here are pictures from the lovely night out I had with friends who happen to be coworkers.  We went to a new tapas bar and had a really good time laughing and talking data geekiness.  I love visiting California because of all the great relationships I've made here.  But with that said - I'm missing my home!

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