Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am bursting with joy.  I ran my 5K this morning - new PR!  28:40.  First race averaging a less than 10 minute mile.  First time breaking 30 minutes in the 5K.  Freakin' 2 and a half minutes off of my last PR race in July.

I feel full of joy and ambition.  2012 is going to be my year.  I've called it.

I've already broken one of my 2012 goals (sub-30).   The hard part of breaking goals is that the next goal has to be better.

With this triumph I have to change my 2012 goals, and I will add on another to the two I already mentioned.

2012 goals:

* Sub-30 5K   27:xx 5K
* Sub-60 10K
* 2:15 Half Marathon

For the last my current half marathon PR is 2:29:45.  Yes - a lot to take off for a half, but this time I will actually be planning and training to race it, not just run.

This 5K also kicks off the last day before I enter half training.  I will be running 6 miles tomorrow around the streets of San Francisco.  Can't wait!


JoggingJeans said...

Congrats on your race success!

RoseRunner said...

YAYYYYY!!! Your joy-bursting is infectious. So happy for you! Running accomplishments are the best feeling, and I hope that feelings spills over into other aspects of your life (I often find that it does). 2012 will be HUGE for you, I know you will knock down each of those goals.

Susan said...

Thanks guys! It really was a great feeling. Still glowing from it, as a matter of fact.