Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weekend fun!

Yay!  Dad's visiting!

Dad on right; cousin's boyfriend on right.   Cousins reflected in mirror behind them!

I already pretty much covered Friday, so Saturday it is!  We relaxed and slept in.  When we got up we went over to Friendly's for a fun breakfast.  I had an omelet, toast, and home fries.  Dad did two egg combo, toast, and sausage.

After that incredibly healthy breakfast we took a walk down through part of my regular running route.  It definitely was a different experience.  My dad has been walking 4 miles 5 times a week so he is in good shape.  

It was a good walk, and we ended up stopping in at my favorite running store.  I got some new socks for me and something for my cousin for Christmas.  

Saturday night we went South to see my aunt and uncle for dinner.

We had a really good time, my dad and uncle told some great stories.  I also got to see my cousin and her family (four kids).  I really need to get down to see them more often, they aren't that far away.

Sunday was another semi-lazy day, but this time I ran while dad walked.  We had a lighter lunch and then headed down to Fanueil hall for some stocking shopping!

Early dinner ensued.  Thai for all!


Cute babies!

Tired cute babies!

Not pictured - some good Thai food.

Now it's a Sunday night and Dad and I are settled in for the night.  I always enjoy seeing my dad, although this was a more lazy weekend than usual.   I'll have to go down and see him in the Spring!

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