Saturday, December 17, 2011


Soo...tired.  I think my schedule this week is finally catching up with me.  I'd been getting up every morning from 5-5:30 AM to run, which would be okay if I wasn't out most every night.   I need my sleep!  Plus a lot of folks at my office have been sick and I think I caught the edges of a cold.  Could be worse; could be something with vomit, which I cannot handle.

Right now I am in the airport futzing around until it is time to board a plane home.  It's a red-eye and I hope like hell I can sleep.  I usually toss and turn and don't rest much on these kinds of flights.  Given the way I feel, maybe I'll be lucky this time.

I have a couple things planned for the weekend; jewelry making Saturday, 5K Sunday.  We'll see which of the two I feel up to doing.

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