Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little bit early

It's Saturday morning at 8 am.  Why am I up?  I have no children tugging at the bed to get me up.  No critical appointments.  Why aren't I just staying in bed?  This is early!  Well, early in my mind.  *sigh*  Moments like these are when I have to admit I am 70% grown up.  I don't think I'm ever fully there, maybe peaking at 95%.  There's always that little girl inside who can be distracted by pretty things.

Anyway, aside from deep and introspective posting, I do have some things to do today.  I have to go into Boston to pick up a packet for a 5K tomorrow - yay!  I will take the opportunity to drag my lazy butt to the mall and do some Christmas shopping for my cousins.  I also have to do some pickup in my apartment.  I'm flying to California for the week for work - Yay! - and I have to have things ready for my pet sitter.

The next small item on my to-do list is to change the cats' litter.  Don't wanna.  *sigh*

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