Saturday, December 10, 2011

Race prep!

I'm sure all one of you were on the edge of your seat after my earlier post today.  Let me not keep you in suspense; yes, I did clean the cats' litter.  I also did several loads of laundry.  Still have to clear off the kitchen table.

After that excitement, going down to Copley to pick up my race stuff couldn't be any more thrilling, could it?


Yes, as I was coming out of Marathon sports with my stuff, they were just running a race past me where everyone ran in their underwear.   It's the Santa Speedo Run and it looks like a good time.  At least it does this year, when it's not exceedingly cold.

People where having a good time while they ran.  There was even a guy doing back handsprings down the road, finishing with a full backflip!  Everyone was laughing and smiling.   Hmmm....2012?  Well, if my abs look awesome...

As for my race swag for tomorrow, it was nothing to write home about.  No t-shirt, but I did get a pair of gloves and a hat, neither of which I love, so they will act as good winter spare/tossaways.  

I think I did get a good number:

I like it because it is just sub-500, which makes me think of my goal of sub-30.  It's meant to be!  What is disappointing is that there doesn't appear to be chip timing.  I will depend on my Garmin for official time.  

After seeing some fun runners, I ended up at the grocery store with some fun items.  

Yes - that keyboard is where the magic happens

Persimmons!  I love them sooooo much. They are just about my favorite fruit.  I've only had them once outside of California, so I was surprised that when I walked into Shaws there they were!  2 for $1!  I bought four and ate one already; the others will be flying out with me tomorrow!

I am excited for my race tomorrow and for my week long business trip. On the downside, I will miss putting up an ornament on my advent calendar every day.

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