Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I flew out to California for a business trip this week.  My company is headquartered in San Francisco, so I've had several trips out here in the past three years.  I've made some good friends - thank goodness for Skype, as we keep in touch constantly.

No pictures of friends right now - maybe tomorrow.  I'm going out tonight with folks from my old team and I'll do my best to remember my camera.  I'll probably get slightly looped tonight; basically that means I'll have one drink.  I have no tolerance.

Even though I have no pictures of friends yet, I do have pictures of some Christmas decorations - and of my hotel room.  And me.

I actually got to stay in a nicer place this time.  The hotel I usually stayed at is closer to my office but the area is dead at night.  This hotel is in a more active area.  Plus - lots of window shopping in some great stores.  

I also love the decorating that I see.  In addition to the pictures below, I've also seen a plaza with giant Christmas ornaments, and a nice big tree at Fisherman's Wharf.  

Enough of this Christmas stuff - how about some pictures of me getting ready to run?

I call this one "Suck it in!"

Someday I will master the natural smile in a self-portrait.  Someday.

Yay me for getting out there and going.  It's definitely easier these days to motivate myself out of bed, but still not the easiest.   It's been really fun going out on the streets here, although I don't like how easily my Garmin loses its signal.  Oh God - what tortures I suffer. 

Once the run is done it's off to work!  I have to walk about a mile to the office but that's nothin'.  Luckily I have a good backpack for my laptop!

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