Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mo' pittures!

Christmas is over, time to relax.  I'm especially lucky that I'm able to relax this week.  I was expecting to have to work the week between Christmas and New Year's, but last week our CEO sent an email to the company giving us this week off!  Yay!

The extra time has been spent in very relaxing ways.  Yesterday we didn't do much, just going to the park and out to lunch with my niece.

Hazel and Grammie

Push, Daddy, push!

Start of lunch

Mom and me


End of lunch. =)

I also managed to squeeze in a run that afternoon - back on track for training after my cold!  It was kind of awkward to run; I ate more than usual at lunch, and I could feel it!  Very successful runs the past few days - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, day after Christmas = total of close to 20 miles!  Back on the horse!

Last night my brother, his wife, my mom and I played a new game.  It's called Forbidden Island and it is challenging, not only to play, but also to even understand the instructions.  It was a co-operative game so we all had to work together, but there were still arguments over how to play.  In the end we won, but barely.  I think we might play it again sometime this week and will be better at it.

Today was a rest day, and boy did I need it.  Actually most days have been rest days; I've been napping post-lunch.  I'm not alone in that.  My niece takes a nap right after her lunch, and it seems that all of us want to join in.

Mom and Luna reading on the bed

But not all was laziness today.  There was minor adventure - a trip to Old Navy!

Best dressed of us all

Clothing and jewelry were bought at ridiculous prices, then it was home for stir-fry. 

Tonight there was some work to be done so no games, but there are still plenty of days of fun to come.  Tomorrow's plan - cookie baking.  Can't wait!

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RoseRunner said...

That is one good looking family! what a beautiful beautiful niece.