Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre-Christmas celebrations

I'm currently in Madison, WI, shocked by how warm this winter has been.  Relatively warm at least.  I went out for a run today and although I wore a long sleeved running shirt I was also plenty warm in my running capris.  Which is a good thing because although I swear I packed three long sleeved running shirts and three sets of capri/leggings, 2/3 of those running clothes were not in my bag when I unpacked.  I'd like to think I just forgot to pack them in my suitcase but I distinctly remember zipping up one of the running jackets in prep for packing it.  Soo...somebody stole my running clothes?  I just don't know.

But that's no fun to think of.  What is fun to think of is the time I spent this past Wednesday with my cousins.  I went over after work to my cousin's house and three of us had dinner together.  After tacos (which I haven't had in forever and forgot how good they are), we played Pears to Pears.  I lost thoroughly.  Luckily it was time to break for dessert (ice cream with fudge, caramel, peanut M&Ms and a brownie chunk) and then presents!

My cousin's hat and my sweater, hat, and scarf were all presents!

Yay presents!

When given the choices of what to do next, I immediately suggested putting together a puzzle, while watching White Christmas.  Definitely a good choice - best to avoid humiliation of losing again.

I read a blog recently that said White Christmas was the best Christmas movie.  I tend to agree.  The songs and dances are so fun, and the dialogue can be really fun.  Plus - who doesn't tear up when they stand and applaud for the General?

We didn't finish the puzzle that night; my cousin wanted to go to bed around 11, something about her baby getting up early...

Party pooper

We all got some good rest and were catered to with breakfast of eggs, bacon, and croissants!  After that it was back to the puzzle; which we completed!  Well, as much as possible.  There was of course one missing piece.  

Moderately challenging puzzle

After puzzle completion it was time to hit the chocolate!  Not to eat this time, but to dip.  Pretzels and oreos to share!  Very simple and delicious.  It's the expertise of my cousin and has become a Christmas highlight.


We hung out for a bit longer and watched a bit of Miracle on 34th Street, followed by pizza for lunch.  I was incredibly rude and had to run after that because I was supposed to actually be working!  Plus I had to get ready for an early morning flight the next day!

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