Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting some rest

Amazingly, I was able to sleep on my red-eye flight last night.  That's extremely unusual, and must be a function of how exhausted I was.  I got home, collapsed into bed to get an hour nap before a jewelry-making class - and stayed in bed for the next 4 hours.  I missed the jewelry making class but believe me - no one would want me there spreading my plague.

And this brings me to a pain point; I'm in my first official week of training for my March half.  I had a goal to not miss any workouts this cycle.  I was ready to fight off the lazys, and have been doing fairly well.  I have a feeling that goal may not be met if I feel this lousy tomorrow.

I know that the important part is to listen to my body.  And you never know - I might feel better tomorrow! But I have decided I will listen to my body over my mind. If I don't feel well tomorrow - no running, just rest.  It's hard mentally but I know will be better for me physically.

Even with doing nothing today (except laundry) I still feel exhausted. My suitcase is up the stairs outside my apartment in my car trunk (didn't feel like lugging it down this morning); I guess the last thing I'll do today that has any effort behind it is to go bring it in.  And then maybe take another warm bath and cuddle in warm blankets.  Waaarrmmmm.

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