Tuesday, November 08, 2011


My office had a visitor today.  Our VP of engineering was visiting from the west coast.  It was good to see him but what really was important to me personally was that he confirmed a job change for me that I had only heard about second hand.

I will say that this job change is welcome ; it's one that I've been looking for for a long time.   At the same time I'm as nervous as I was when I started at the company for the first time.

I have my first call with my new manager tomorrow.   I've heard really good things about her so I am excited,  but at the same time nervous.   I am ready to face the challenges!

Today I will be thankful for all the people who supported me to get this far.  My most recent manager is leaving the company,  but one of his last focuses has been on getting me this job.  I've worked for this VP at two different jobs and have always felt that he wants me and my coworkers to succeed.   And I am definitely thinking of some other supportive people I have worked with along the way.  I truly am grateful that I met so many fantastic people in my career so far.

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