Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work it baby!

Goals are good.  So is ramen and peas on a rainy day.

Mmmm.  Raaameen.

My goal for this month is slightly better for me than ramen.  Slightly.  I want to hit 100 miles this month.  I've never gone that high, but I've come close!

August = 1/2 marathon training
September=sick for entire week

I will run 100 miles this month.  When I started the sentence before this, I almost wrote "I probably...".  None of that.  I will hit my goal.  

It's interesting that even without a large event to train for, I still have this drive to go further and/or faster in my runs.  I was concerned that I would get to be a slacker with nothing huge to look forward to.  Not happening, which is awesome.

My next race is a 5K in December.  My goal is a new PR there.  And it's an important PR; if I improve on my current PR it will mean I will average a sub-10 minute mile.  I know I have it in me.  I will be doing speedwork in between now and then and get myself mentally prepared.  10:00?  You're going DOWN!

Other than that, I will say that I am thankful today that my Ann Taylor Loft credit card bill came.  I know - weird to be happy for a bill.  It's just that it's a new credit card and my first bill from them, and I wanted to be sure that it didn't get lost somehow.  I just have these extremely paranoid visions of my credit being screwed up because of an unpaid lost bill!

And that ends our #whitepeoplesburdens section of November.  

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Rach said...

that's amazing you can keep up motivation between races. I definitely tend to slack if I don't have an event lined up for!