Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hey - I actually cooked!

Shocking, I know, but I actually cooked tonight.  

Yup - water boiling, pasta cooked, quick sauce, voila!

Yeah, I know, not the prettiest.  Would have looked better if I hadn't been to cheap to buy parsley. And could take decent pictures.  I will say it tasted really good.  The recipe is Penne with Tuna and Mustard , and I used an interesting mustard that I bought when I went to The National Mustard Museum .  Yes, I actually visited a mustard museum - for my birthday last year.  It was sorta fun.

Guess what else I did today?

That's right - took pictures of my shoes!  Well, after I ran a tempo run.  Not my best - I had some awesome times when I felt like I was flying, but had to slow down to a walk in part of it.  I need to remind my stupid brain - slow down doesn't have to be a walk.  It's better when it's not in fact!  But these shoes - they make me want to go go go!

Can't you hear the angelic choir?
I do love these shoes - for now.  We'll have to see how they break in.  One thing that is bothering me is that I'm having some issues with my running socks.  For my first run in them I wore one of my thicker pairs of socks and felt somewhat constrained in the toes.  Today's run was in thinner socks and was slipping around a little bit when I was walking before the run.  I feel like for problem one the shoes will loosen in time, and for problem two I've had this before with other shoes and it stopped after a bit.

I also spent today taking my camera all over the place, practicing taking pictures.  I really want to have more pictures on this blog - plain text can be boring.   You know that a boiling pot of water is excitement filled!

Sunshine in front, Jody in back

I also took some fun shoe shots.  Have to say, I strongly dislike sneakers.  I like these, though.

But today I wore these.  

And just because I was looking awesome (not!), here I am!

I'm going to keep practicing my photo skills.  Jody - think I can get better?

Today I am thankful for lazy lounges in warm baths.  Do not ask me how many baths I took today.  I think I'm part fish.  What fish lives in warm water?

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