Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I really did have a good time over the Thanksgiving holidays.  I got to spend time with my family and we had a lot of laughter in my sister's house. This post is pretty much pictures.

Younger brother and blur, tentatively identified as niece

There definitely was some teasing in the house.  If you look closely at my brother, you will notice that under his long sleeved shirt he is wearing two more shirts.  When we had dinner he added a sweater, for a total of four layers!  Dude - it was not that cold inside.

All of my nieces + my brother

The kids spent a lot of time hanging out in the family room reading, but since my sister's house literally backs up onto a park, there definitely was some energy burned off outside!

Nephew #1

Nephew #2

And a random mention - the blanket in the background?  I made that 11 years ago for nephew #1 when he was a baby.  They grow up too fast!

Me and my godson

Not my best look, but it will do.

Older sister and nephew

My sister always does a great meal.  My mom and I definitely help (my mom more than I), but my sister really has things organized.  And she made amazing mashed potatoes this year!  Helped along by cream and butter, but as long as they taste good, who cares?

Kids, sister, and most of my mom


My brother always brings pie - and always the classic pumpkin and apple.  He really does good pies.

Pie and fresh whipped cream, modeled by niece #2

Niece #3 models chocolates (my contribution/hostess gift)

The kids are always a good time, even though Aunt Sue can be a little reserved at times.   I'm just not used to having that many people around.  Or at least that many noisy people.

Yeah, my youngest niece isn't impressed with my photo skills either

Add in a dog, and yeah - things could get crazy.   Especially at night, when we played Werewolf.  It's a game where people are werewolves or townspeople (some with special skills), and basically the townspeople try to kill the werewolves before the werewolves kill them.  Included in the game are rounds of accusations, which is always a good time.

Brother's dog, with cameo by my leg

In the end, a lot of pictures were taken, we all had a good time, and I am sooo looking forward to Christmas!

Today I am thankful for warmth in November.  It was in the 60s when I left work!  Let's keep that up!  Well, maybe 50s when I am running, but otherwise - think warm!

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