Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catching up

Wow - so I finally had enough to say that I'm behind.  Amazing.  Don't worry - this post will catch up to current.

After a fun Friday/Saturday with cousins, Sunday was quiet.  Relatively.  I did another 14 miles, and lo and behold...

3/4 of the way there! Plus I love the fact that the little pink arrow is over this month.  That arrow represents longest run.  I expect that to change when I hit December...

Of course that image was taken on Sunday, and it's changed by now.  The rest of Sunday was not exciting, and neither was Monday.  At least on the running front.  On the job front there were some changes that undid the positive changes from last week a little bit.  Made me very uneasy, and I actually felt sick all yesterday.

But - today is a new day!  I was a little lazy in the morning and didn't do my run.  When I finally did get out there I was a little demotivated and only did 4 of a planned 7 miles.  Boo!  But - I am excited for the rest of the week.  Thanksgiving!  Time off!  Time to rest and try not to let things get me down!

I am a little nervous for tomorrow as the weather is not looking good for travel.  My mom is already threatening not to fly; last year at Thanksgiving the weather was so bad that she doesn't want to go through it again.  I really hope things turn out alright and it's just the weather channel overreacting for ratings.  I want to see my family!

Tonight I am thankful for clementines.  I'm a little sore throat-y, and they are soothing me down.

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