Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Such Joy

I took all of today off from work, so I could leave early and fly to my sister's for T-day.  Luckily the weather channel's predictions of doom were severely off.  I should have known - it's pretty much their job to cause panic.  

Woke up early, got out to the airport with no issues.  My first flight took off on time.  Turbulence pretty much immediately.  Flight was pretty smooth but extreme turbulence at the end.  I really felt like I was going to be sick.  The nice part is that I was on the aisle seat and no one was in the center.  Surprising on the heaviest travel day of the year!

Immediately got off the flight and hurried to catch my connection.  Interestingly enough I was connecting through Dulles, which used to be my home airport when I lived in Virginia and worked at AOL.  I was surprised to see that they had new ways to get between the terminals.  No more silly trams!  I made it with a bit of time to spare.  The second flight was in one of those smaller planes - two seats on the right, one seat on the left.  I was on the aisle on the right.  I slept for most of the flight.  As I said, I was up early - even before my alarm.  Stupid thinking too much!

I landed and met up with my mom who had landed five minutes before me.  We had lunch at an Italian restaurant that we've eaten at before.  My mom loves it but I am totally not impressed.   I was so hungry after those flights, though, that I ate my entire meatball sub!  I have to stretch my stomach out for tomorrow!

From the airport we headed to the hotel and then over to my sister's.  We would stay at my sister's but they have a full house!  It was so nice to see the kids.  They're growing up so fast.  I did get a lot of hugs and love, and got to talk about assorted topics that the kids were fascinated with (including lengthy treatises on snakes, including a viewing of a shedded snake skin. Ewww.  

My brother and his wife and their little girl and their dog came in a couple hours after we did.  Plenty of excitement there as well, but we soon settled in for Domino's for dinner.  After that it was some time with the kids and then they were off to bed!  Mom and I decided to leave a bit early because we were tired, and because we are a bit off in terms of time (there's a one hour time difference).  

I expect to have another exciting day tomorrow.  The post about it will be more exciting as well, as I promise to include many pictures.  The kids are totally adorable, and I love to share them!

Today I am thankful for getting time to spend with family. 

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