Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fall back - FALL BACK~!

It's turning chilly here in the NE.  Well, not as chilly as last weekend's storm, but still getting a bit brisk. I don't know if my running has made me a little tougher, but I don't seem to mind the weather as much.  Maybe I'm finally developing my Mass roots.  I would promise not to start driving like a maniac, but unfortunately, too late.

Today was a run around day even though it didn't feel like it.  I woke up late - so nice to hit snooze three times without worry!  Then I had to haul my butt to the gym for a massage.  I've never had a full out massage before. It was nice.  I think once I get more comfortable I'll ask for a little deeper pressure.  My muscles were so tense that even a moderate pressure gave me some ow!  Need to do more massages and/or more yoga.  Of course I still had some vestiges of DOMS too.  But it seems to be going away, thank goodness.

After the massage I went over to my local running store and picked up a new pair of sneakers.  I only have a couple hundred miles on my current shoes (Asics 2160s), but I feel like I want to start swapping pairs in if I'm going to start doing back to back days.  Which I might - we'll see.  I'm not as in love with the 2160s as I was with the prior model, so I went with Brooks this time - the Ravenna 2.  I plan on breaking them in on Wednesday with my personal training warmup, and I am already excited.  They felt awesome on when I was doing some jogging to try them out at the store.  Whee!

I picked up twenty tons of soft-core porn...ahem...romance novels from the library.  From there I came back and tonight cooked up black bean chili for dinner, with a side of tortilla chips and guac.  Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow of the leftovers when I have them for lunch.  The chips were Tostitos Hint of Jack, and I loved them even without the guac.  The chili was soooo yummy.  Nicely spicy.  The recipe I used is from Cooking Light - Black Bean Salsa Chili .  I didn't follow the recipe exactly; I used beef instead of turkey and skipped the sour cream topping.  I threw some taco cheese on top, and it melted in nicely.  I have a feeling it's also going to be wonderful as leftovers tomorrow.  Perfect for after my long run!

Rest of the evening is going to be quiet.  Going to watch the only one of two shows I watch these days - the Suze Orman show.  I like the Can I Afford It segment.  Otherwise she kind of annoys me.  The other show I watch?  Bridezilla reruns on Sunday afternoon.  What can I say?  I'm a klassy, klassy girl.

And to keep the streak alive - today I am thankful experiences.  New shoes, massage, new recipes - trying new things out are fun!

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