Sunday, November 06, 2011

Picture Day!

So, I had planned to be semi-relaxed about my LSD (long slow distance) today and was going to take pictures along my route.  It's a nice route that I've done multiple times before.  Start at Porter Square in Cambridge, go left for a loop, right for a loop, run down to Harvard (dodging tourists), down to the Charles and along the river to Kendall Square.  There are definitely some good picture locations along the way, especially at the river.  That was the plan.  Of course the plan did not take into account that I am not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, complicated by the fact that I am lazy.  Which translates me to realizing I forgot my camera when I was warming up, but being too lazy to go down a set of stairs and get it.  So - no during run pictures.  How about a compromise  with some post-run pictures?

Stunning, I know, as well as displaying excellent photo technique.

If you look carefully you can see some white patches.  Yes, I sweat like a mother when I run.  I frequently get salt in my eyes when I pause around mile 11 to get some Gatorade.  Also in the picture is my gorgeous couch, which also has the highlight of being torn up from being used as a scratching post.  When I lived in DC it was in the middle of the room so the cats had access to the back.  I tried to get them to stop by putting aluminum foil on the back.  That worked, and gave some awesome highlights to the room.  Be sure to ask me for decorating tips.

Since I wanted more pictures for this post I decided to actually stretch after a run.   This of course lead to an assistant.

Yes, I wore red and purple together.  Style icon!

Well hello gorgeous!

After some stretching and cat cuddling, I decided to reheat my lunch.

Black bean chili with cheese.  Not shown - tortilla chips and browning  guacamole.

After lunch is not as picture worthy, mostly because I just did a lot of laundry and read.  I would take pictures of me in my lovely warm flannel PJs, but since they are in a cheetah print I think I would set the internet on fire.  

Rest of the evening will be Sunday-evening Bridezilla watching mixed in with minor cleaning.  Might fit in doing my nails with one of new colors I bought yesterday.  Yes - my life is full of danger and excitement.

To close out today, I will list a few reason why I am thankful for my mom.  She's a really special person in my life and I am truly blessed to have her.

  • My mom and I have a very close relationship.  She and I talk on the phone most nights of the week.  We spend vacations together.  We shop together, and our taste in clothes is so much alike that sometimes we find ourselves fighting over the last of our size.  Not really fighting, though - my mom is always so nice and lets me try the clothes on first.
  • My mom is retired now, but when she was working she was awesome.  She worked in finance for a lot of top companies and traveled for assignments to Europe.  I remember going to visit her in Paris when she was working there.  Since she's retired she took over the financial dealings with her portfolio and has done beautifully with the money. I always turn to her for financial advice.
  • My mom loves her animals.  When I was growing up we always had cats and/or dogs in the house.  We topped out at 5 cats and a dog!  Right now she has one dog and one cat and dotes on them.  We tease her that she loves the dog more than she loves us.  I can understand that; she has a pretty awesome dog.
  • Since she retired my mom has spent a lot of her time volunteering.  She works for the New Jersey Conservation Association, and also volunteers for the Good Samaritans with her church.  The rest of the time she gets to read and watch movies all day - I envy her!
  • I love my mom so much and always know that she is there to support me.  She's had to talk me down off the ledge sometimes and I know that I take that for granted.  I truly am blessed to have her.

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