Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Challenges accepted!

So Tina @ Carrots N Cake put this out for November - Be Thankful Challenge .  Every day in November write down something you are thankful for. It's a nice way of reminding yourself of the good things in your life.

My thankful for November 1 was that I live close to family.  Love Boston as a city but the real hold is my awesome cousins.  Last night we got to go see Legally Blonde on stage together - and cracked up.  Hilarious.  Also had some songs I plan on downloading for running to.

For November 2, I'll say...I'm thankful for my job.  Not only that I have one but also that it is one that challenges me sometimes.  Not always - but what job does?  And really - who wants to always be under pressure?  I also am thankful for my job because it pays me such that I can live the spoiled rich princess life that I do.  Peel me a grape, butler!  Nah, not at that level, but at the level that I was able to buy my pretty pretty car when I crashed my old one last year.

It's not really orange, I'm just a really bad photographer.

In addition to the Thankful challenge I also signed up for Pile on the Miles .  I'm always happy to run but having the extra incentive of possible prizes doesn't hurt.  Of course that also adds a fourth place for me to update my mileage; I track on Sparkpeople (calorie tracking), DailyMile (challenges, plus good way to look back over prior months), and in a shared spreadsheet with  a friend for motivation.

November should be a fun month - and challenging!   I also have some other goals, but those go for another day.

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RoseRunner said...

Being close to family is such a life enhancer if you like your family. Which I do. I wish my family was just a littttle closer -- only 1 hour away, but I HATE being in a car, so I know I would visit every weekend if they were closer!

Your car is very purty. I will have to get my list of thankfulness ready for thanksgiving in 3 weeks. And get my appetite rolling...

p.s. thankful for RUNNING!!